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Created in under two weeks, the internet is bad is an art game about meme culture and the rapid expansion of technology. Enjoy good vibes, art, and memes.

Game Created by Aimee Zhang and Lori Fu

Music: "Wiild" by Chahine, "i miss having sleep overs" by a l e x

Tags3D, artgame, Internet, meme, memes
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

Download, extract, and run the executable for ultimate nostalgia.


the internet is bad.zip 119 MB


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-Made a Video.

-The Game: 13:57 (The 2nd Game)

Thank you Vinesauce for playing! 

i have a lot of work due in tomorrow and i have enough self restraint not to download and play this, but i do NOT have the restraint to stop myself procrastinating by writing this comment. 😬😬so here we are 

game looks really good, will play it after work is done 👌

the internet IS bad

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Thought the music was somewhat on point, didn't think their was enough significant memes bar a few that would actually make it worthwhile to want to go through it again the quotes were great, would have been awesome to experience the memes in a much more on point elaborate way with more explanation, thought etc . Controls were alittle clunky too.  Also the tapes didn't seem like they made a difference to the game probably did but wasn't really made obvious enough.   

art was not bad in some places rather seemingly on point

but it was very low poly in a lot of places.

However I was entertained enough to wanna keep going more or less it did have that.

3/5 gameplay

3.5/5 art

4/5 music

1/5 story

2/5 design