A downloadable game for Windows

Floating is a whimsical, ethereal take on pinball. 

Launch buoyant VHS tapes into A E S T H E T I C television sets, waft sweet froggos into sparkling flowers, and help a girl about to fly away take a second to breathe.

Game and Art created by Aimee Zhang.

Music: "Study Lounge" by Aaron Ishibashi, "Aruarian Dance" by Nujabes,  "Chinese Crip-Walk" by BuddahKillah, "Faded" by Homeshake.

Install instructions

WINDOWS: Download the zip, unpack, and run the executable.


  • Left Paddle - Left Control Key
  • Right Paddle - Right Control Key
  • Spring/Plunger - Down Arrow Key


Floating.rar 32 MB


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my right Ctrl is not working

Haven't heard Nujabes since Samurai Champloo! Nice little bonus.
Btw I think it's "Aruarian Dance" not Arabian?

I love him so much and I'm so sad he passed away. Thanks for catching that typo, I'll fix it right now. :)